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We are passionate about creating value

Cornerstone was created as a result of our combined experience in venture capital, private equity, and consulting to focus primarily on the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) sector in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region.

We believe that SMEs require both strategy consulting advice, offered by top-tier strategy firms to executives in blue chip companies, and growth capital extended by private equity and venture capital funds. Nevertheless, the regional SME sector has yet to develop the knowledge and skills required to engage consultants or to obtain funding from institutional investors.

We collaborate with SMEs that have validated business models and strong management teams. We co-create value by defining the business strategy, supporting execution of strategy through tailored governance, and providing access to funding in exchange for an active, minority shareholding investment position.

In addition, we work alongside family businesses, acting as an independent member of their Board of Directors. We provide an outside-in perspective to the business, focusing on institutionalizing family and business governance and sustaining profits through effective strategy development and execution monitoring practices.

Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

Our primary goal is to help SMEs transform to become sustainable value creators by transferring the knowledge we have gained advising management teams in leading organizations. For an SME organization interested in partnering with Cornerstone, we provide the following:

  • Define the business strategy, outline an implementation plan, and support implementation
  • Enhance founders and key management leadership and business capabilities
  • Identify current gaps in the organization structure, key roles and responsibilities, and institute governance
  • Set monitoring tools and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) required for business growth, cost control, and profitability enhancement
  • Estimate business value and full-potential value
  • Provide access to both debt financing or equity funding

Family businesses & Large Corporates

We work with family businesses and larger organizations that face challenges in succession planning, governance, indefinite growth, and diversification strategies. If your business falls under this category we can:

  • Develop the fact-based diagnostic assessment to build understanding of key strengths within the organization
  • Assess and provide capital restructuring alternatives
  • Identify gaps in the organization structure, define key roles and responsibilities, and institute governance
  • Collaborate and manage top-tier consulting firms as a project manager -if needed- on behalf of our clients to ensure results delivery
  • Estimate business value and full-potential value
  • Act as independent board members providing unbiased advice on key decisions ranging from management change, hiring of key positions, capital investments, and monitoring of portfolio companies

Value Proposition

Value Proposition


We create solutions tailored to your needs

We define businesses based on their stage in the business life cycle. Accordingly, we identify business needs and tailor solutions, taking into account the internal business dynamics as well as the external industry dynamics.

business life cycle8

Investment Strategy

Investment Strategy


We align our ambitions with yours to co-create value

We acquire a minority equity stake in growing companies in the GCC. Our focus spans across various sectors of the economy.

Our team collaborates with owners and managers to identify quick wins and long-term areas of improvements and growth.

We offer our portfolio companies the accessibility needed to scale their operations and expand their geographic footprint locally and regionally from joint venture setups all the way to mergers and acquisitions.

We focus on building long-term strategic partnerships with no pressure to exit our investments. Our long-term perspective allows us to focus on nurturing the fundamentals of building sustainable value creator companies.

Value Creation Approach

Value Creation Approach


We aim to build a winning culture

We employ a fact-based, data-driven approach in making decisions. We leverage our proprietary network of relationships as well as public and private resources to triangulate multi-source data points and arrive at the best practical answers for your unique business needs.


Get the best practical answer

Bring deep
diverse expertise

Create outside-in
data-driven fact base

Develop customized executable solutions

Collaborate to achieve results

the organization

Change behaviors
to make results stick

Build your
team’s capabilities




We possess extensive experience to capitalize on opportunities

We have been successful in closing proprietary investment deals. This section provides a snapshot of our investment portfolio.

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Project Ray

Project Ray

A producer of generic pharmaceutical products in the GCC, focusing on producing solid tablets at a state-of-the-art GMP production facility with an estimated annual production capacity of 500 million units.

Project Cruise

Project Cruise

A product development and distribution platform focusing on innovative, functional, and styling automotive accessories and smart technologies. Platform collaborates directly with auto dealers and automotive accessories wholesalers.




We are motivated as one team to extend our support

We have developed relationships with businesses locally, regionally, and internationally. We act as independent advisors to the Board of Directors to provide business strategy and governance advice as well as execution support and structured monitoring.


Contact Us

Contact Us


We would love to hear from you

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