Project Saw II

A family-run business with a strong brand position in the power generation sector in Saudi Arabia. Situation: The founder was considering retirement and approached Cornerstone to perform a full diagnostic assessment on the company to assess whether the company has the appropriate governance model and practices to allow non-family executives run the company. Complication: SAW […]

Project Barnyard

A company specializing in poultry production is expanding capacity by establishing new facilities to cover the value chain from hatching to the sale of chilled and frozen chicken. Situation: Management required establishing an appropriate management and reporting system that captures the relevant KPIs to track its performance. Complication: The current practice in recognizing costs did […]

Project Steel II

Situation: A six-month post-merger integration initiative was launched to assist a Turkish manufacturing facility with the setting and implementing of a full-potential strategy initiative. Complication: The facility was under pressure to launch a new production line that would enable it to secure long-term contracts and enhance sales. However, the facility required a full review of […]

Project Bait

A non-for-profit think tank that focuses on identifying pressing economic and organization issues related to the Hajj and Umrah sector in Saudi Arabia and recommending solutions to pertinent government and non-governmental bodies. Situation: The think tank approached Cornerstone to lay out its vision, mission, and strategic objectives given its internal capabilities and market demand. Complication: […]